Bicycle accidents



Bicycle accidents often end up with more serious injuries for obvious reasons. The city presents a very serious problem, with over cogestion in Boston and surronding communities, the rate of accidents has increased twofold. Both bicyclists and drivers are allowed to use the full driving lane, but bicyclists may also ride abreast or on the right hand shoulder of the road. Both are required to stop at red lights. Often times you may see a bicyclist riding through traffic and cutting off traffic.  If they are injured as a result, they may still be able to file a personal injury claim against the driver.  Even though comparative negligence may apply and the award reduced, the motor vehicle driver is responsible for keeping an eye out for bicycles. Only a attentive, slow moving driver can avoid these situations and often is a ripe area for negligent driving.



Under the Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection insurance laws,  the automobile insurance automatically compensates the bicyclists and the drivers in motor vehicle accidents. The driver's automobile insurance automatically pays the first $2,000 in damage under Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, even if the bicyclist was at fault. These benefits may pay up to $8,000.




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