At the Law Offices of Michael R. St. Louis, our attorneys are the best in the business at representing individuals and their families who have been seriously injured or have passed away as a result of  negligence. Personal injuries often cause more then just economic hardships, it can place stress on the entire family with a long term disability and emotional trauma. Our staff provides aggressive competent legal representation in all phases of your personal injury claim.


The law Offices of Michael R St. Louis can help you decide your best course of action and can develop the best legal strategy for demonstrating your claim. We can handle a wide variety of personal injury cases that are caused from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Wrongful death, Construction Site AccidentsSlip and Fall Accidents and Premises Liability.


In Massachusetts, you must have damages caused by the defendants actions that were reasonably forseeable. There are several different action areas of personal injury that we can pursue depending on facts of your individual case.  



Negligence is the defendants failure to use reasonable care in so much as it created an unreasonable risk of injury to you. Massachusetts is considered a "modified comparative negligence" state. This means that if the Plaintiff is 50% or more responsible for the accident, they are barred from suing the defendant. If they are less then 50% responsible, then the action may move forward but may be reduced by whatever precentage the judge or jury assigns fault on the plaintiff. For example, if the Plaintiff is 30% responsible, then they may collect 70% of the damages.  



Intentional misconduct is intentional infliction of harm that results in an injury or death. Such as in the case of an assault & battery, or criminal behavior.



Strict liability generally applies to product liability, which are claims filed against manufacturers and suppliers for dangerous products that cause injury. Also, any abnormally danerous activities conducted by the Defendant that caused your injury may qualify under strict liability.



Damages are required to file suit for a personal injury. Generally these damages must include physical injury and not just emotional.  In Massachusetts, damages are awarded for special damages, including medical bills and lost earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and for pain and suffering. Punitive damages may be awarded if the conduct was malicious or grossly negligent.




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I was run off the while driving down Rt.495 by a truck. My car was totalled and I suffered sever injury to my back and collarbone.  I decided to go with Attorney St.Louis through a recommendation from a friend. After surgury and 6 months of physical therapy the insurance company settled my claim for a lot more then I had expected!  I was so pleased and relieved when it was all over. I thought I'd have to go to trial and fight for every penny owed to me. We ended up settling the case for a lot more then I had expected. I was so relieved and glad that I hired the right lawyer for the job. I highly recommend Attorney St.Louis.- Stephanie E.

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I was with driving as a passenger with my boyfriend when we were struck by another car. My boyfriend sadly died in the crash due to head injuries.  I was hurt too with injuries to my neck and legs. My car that my boyfriend was driving was destroyed. I hired this law firm and was very glad I did.  The insurance company gave me money for a new car, paid for my medical bills and I ended receiving a very good settlement.  Very happy with the outcome. - Megan S.



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