Police Interrogations


Police questioning of a suspect is typically aggressive and tricky. Many people are foolish enough to think that talking to the police will help them, and how the cops will go easier on them. Others just want to be cooperative in hopes of not being charged with a crime.  DO NOT DO IT!  Simply tell them you do not want to talk to them until your attorney is present.


Tricks law enforcement use to get you to give up your rights:

1. The Officer says, " We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way - its up to you". Here, the police are suggesting that if you admit to any wrongdoing, he or she will go easier on you. This won't work because they have no authorization to make "deals" - only the police prosecutors or District Attorney's office does. You'll end up taking the bait, admitting to a crime, and having everything used against you in court.


2. The Officer says, "Why won't you talk to us - What do you have to hide? This is a loaded question hoping to get you to talk to them. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and don't have to justify your decision not to speak with a police officer.



 The bottom line is the police and detectives are judged and evaluated on their ability to catch suspects, getting them to talk, and then using those statements against them to secure convictions. Do not try to outsmart them - get a lawyer and keep quiet.




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