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 Violent crimes in Massachusetts carry severe penalties. You absolutely need an expert violent crimes defense attorney like Attorney Michael St. Louis. Often times detectives and district attorneys offices simply do not have the manpower to properly investigate these crimes. As a result, exculpatory evidence such as alternative suspects may never be looked at.  This is where the Law Offices of Michael R. St. Louis can help.  We will interview witnesses, review the crime scene and employ private detectives in an effort to uncover evidence needed for an dimissal or reduction in charges.



Examples of violent crimes include




In cases that require the prosecution to prove a specific intent such as murder, attempt crimes or assault the accused has several defense options. Attorney St. Louis will use every avenue available to have the charges dismissed or reduced. This may include filing motions to dismiss based on illegal searchs. It may also include using alibi defenses,  self defense strategy or an excuse defense such as lacking the mental capacity to form specific intent. In any case, rest assured the Law Offices of Michael R. St. Louis will work endlessly to assure you have the best possible criminal defense.



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At the Law Offices of Michael R. St. Louis, we are fully prepared to handle your violent crimes case.  As a leading Boston criminal defense law firm, we can provide you with the direction and legal counsel you need to fight your misdemeanor or felony charges. Call our Law Offices today for your initial consultation at 781-816-3950 or contact us online.


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